Sometimes I fail to see how bizarre the shit happening in my life can be. Its okay. I’ll manage. I’m not gonna let this become a setback or a repeat. I’m gonna relax, breathe, and handle it one little piece at a time.

I just really wish that car accidents would stop happening to me. A deer just smashed my car literally less than 48 hours ago. I guess brightside is that I no longer have that car to fix in the first place.

I don’t want to be pissed off but fuck. Even if its just for a second, I gotta wonder why me. 


Skype Party. 

Skype: tak.kershaw

Anybody, everybody, etc. 
TW: Drug Use.

Because yes, I will be ripping the Sea Bitch. 

I feel really really confused.

Do people really ever win these giveaways? I don’t believe.

It’s obv. a myth.

I want photo evidence. 

Cook-Out chicken tenders always give me the poots. At least they’re cute poots. 

Someone come over and smoke a bowl.

I don’t want to sleep yet. I don’t want to sleep yet. I don’t want to sleep yet. 

just watched the new KLK. 
What. Plot development. What. 



Such suspense

2 lame 2 function

what is even today?